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    Tabora is a well-planned community in Ga West Municipal. There’s plenty of natural, cultural and historical attractions in the area. Come take  a tour of Tabora and hook up with a sexy escort to be your guide on Exotic Ghana.

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    Escorts from Tabora

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    Tabora is a well-planned community in Ga West Municipal, one of the ten districts in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

    The Ga West Municipal Assembly was carved out of the erstwhile Ga Municipal which was created in 1988 following Ghana’s government decentralization and local government reform policy plan.

    In 2004, the Ga Municipality was divided into two with Amasaman capital remaining the capital for the newly created Ga West Municipal. The municipality shares common boundaries with Ga East Municipal and Accra Metropolitan Assembly to the east, Akuapim South District to the north and Ga South Municipal and Ga Central Municipal to the south.It occupies a land area of approximately 284.08 sq km with about 412 communities.

    One of the landmarks in Tabora is Tabora bus junction, Tabora Asoredanho

    and Lapaz New Market. The neighbourhood comes with all the social amenities. Majority of the link roads to N1 highway are tared. It is normally a peaceful neighbourhood.

    In the Ga West Municipal area, the major ethnic group is Ga although there are other ethnic groups such as the Akans, Ewes and the Dangbes. The indigenes of Ga West are believed to have migrated from Ile Ife in Nigeria and settled at Ayawaso. Ayawaso is generally recognized as the first settlement of modern day Gas.

    The major festival which is celebrated among the Ga people in the Municipality is Homowo, which literally means hooting at hunger. It is celebrated in the month of August each year and marks the end of the harvest season of Maize.

    Agriculture, industry and commerce are the three major economic sectors in the Municipality. Telecommunication, banking facilities and other infrastructure facilities exist to serve as catalyst for the rapid development of the Municipality. 

    How to get to Tabora from Accra

    Tabora is less than 45min away from Ghana’s capital, Accra via George W. Bush Hwy/Kwame Nkrumah Motorway/N1.

    The main transportation networks in the Municipality are roads and railways. The main Accra-Kumasi railway line passes through the Municipality at Amasaman, Opah, and Adzen Kotoku. The main Railway stations are located at Amasaman and Adzen Kotoku.

    Things to do in Tabora

    The tourism industry in the Municipality is flourishing due to the presence of many luxurious hotels and some natural, cultural and historical attractions such as the Guakoo Sacred Grove, the Pokuase Samsam Cave, the Samsam Water Falls, the Okaikwei Shrine at Ayawaso Village, the Medie Flower and fruit Gardens and the Osofoman Presbyterian Cemetery.

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