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Exotic Ghana Frequently Asked Questions

Exotic Ghana Frequently Asked Questions

Exotic Ghana is a premier escort listing directory. It lists individuals offering escort services across Ghana. There are Ghanaian sexy calls as well as escort boys.

There are people with interest to join Exotic Ghana, but are a bit hesitant due to certain lingering questions. Do not let fear hold you back, seek clarification from us and free yourself from the world of uncertainty.

The following below could questions you need answer for.

Question: What is the minimum age for joining Exotic Ghana?

Answer: The minimum age for joining Exotic Ghana is 18 years. Anyone below the Ghanaian standard age of majority is prohibited from engaging in online adult activities.

Question: Do I need to be an experienced escort to join Exotic Ghana?

Answer: What is essential is great interpersonal skills. You must be a people person. The longer you stay, the more experience gets.

Question: Is Exotic Ghana a pimping agency?

Answer: Not at all. Exotic Ghana is just an escort listing directory. We only provide advertisement space for those who intend to offer escort services.

Question: Is sex involved?

Answer: Exotic Ghana basically offers individuals advertisement space. Whatever service is offered to clients is within the full discretion of an escort. Exotic Ghana does not ask escorts what to offer to clients.

Question: Must I have a car when joining Exotic Ghana?

Answer: Absolutely not. A car is just a plus but is a necessity. There are many transportation options in Ghana. You can use Uber, PSVs, Okada, and many more.

Question: Does Exotic Ghana allow foreigners to join?

Answer: Exotic Ghana allows everyone with proper license and permit to live and work in Ghana. If you are a foreigner and want to join Exotic Ghana, make sure you have proper documents.

For more info about joining Exotic Ghana, reach out to us through the below social media channels:

Exotic Africa Facebook Twitter Exotic Africa yt icon untamed entertainment Exotic Africa Telegram Exotic Africa Telegram Exotic Africa WhatsApp



Ghana Hookers


Ghana Hooker logo


Ghana is a country with so many ambitious women. Every woman in Ghana wants to look good, drive the best car, live in the most beautiful neighbourhood and lead the best life. Ghana is abuzz with many beautiful women but who wallow in job opportunity scarcity.

With all this beauty there is no way a Ghanaian women will starve to death. They use their body allure to attract men who are need of erotic services such as steamy sex, nude massage, loyal and privilege companionship, and much more. They are goddesses of beauty with a kinky horniness to boot.

Body grooming is their number one priority. They eat organic food, do enough exercise, visit the best beauty spa and dress to kill. And when a toutou is ready, she provides her sensual services with lots of passion. The Ghanaian ashawo girls are the most experienced sex workers on this side of Africa.







Ghana WhatsApp Groups

Exotic Ghana WhatsApp Groups


Just like any any other social media group links, Ghana WhatsApp group links have helped a great deal in shaping how people interact in Ghana. From binding family members together to sharing of ideas, information and knowledge, the use of these social medial links can only accelerate.

Besides Telegram and Twitter, WhatsApp group links are also increasingly being used in the sharing of adult content in Ghana. People share nudes pictures, porn xxx videos,  hookup contacts, or carry out video chats in Ghana on WhatsApp group links.


Join Exotic Ghana Adult Blog to find WhatsApp links from across Ghana. Check out WhatsApp group links in Accra, WhatsApp group links in Kumasi, WhatsApp group links in Tamale, WhatsApp group links in Tema, WhatsApp group links in Cape Coast, among other notable locations.

You will find dating WhatsApp groups, news WhatsApp groups, online jobs WhatsApp groups, and other chat groups.

The following below are WhatsApp groups in Ghana:

  • Ghana Porn Sweet(https://groupsor.link/group/invite/ERY6DVMPPEKJZqdi9hCGg6)
  • WhatsApp Group Ghana Porn Sex(https://chat.whatsapp.com/L5CPgZl5EO1H83nO2wr{XXX})

  • Let’s date 4 real (https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/2x39dEDJdxsDRKL1EHdxfZ)
  • Love ♥♥♥and friendship(https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/2m9IgXORvwPFfYRwCtGf5P)
  • Celebrity Crush (https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/3ZFkXP2guyAAVNe2ljhea4)
  • We Love Ghana
  • Dating WhatsApp Group Link
  • Comedy WhatsApp Group Link
  • Tamil Nadu WhatsApp Group Links





Ghana Porn Channels

Exotic Ghana Porn Channels

Ghana is a sensual country. Its people are highly erotic and that means that there exists a number of channels into which Ghana’s curiosity for pornography feeds. Find links to Ghana Telegram porn channels, Ghana WhatsApp porn channels,  Ghana Twitter porn channels, among other social media channels in Ghana.

You can also stumble upon your celebrity leaked porn channels and actualize your fantasy. Find sex affairs leaked, extra-marital affairs leaked videos,  etc.

Enjoy crazy adult content from all over Ghana. Check out Accra porn, Kumasi porn, Tamale porn, Takoradi porn, Tema porn, Cape Coast porn, etc. Experience Ghana’s spirit-filled pornography.

We are here to give you a list of Ghana’s greatest porn channels where you can watch porn xxx, you can subscribe to to porn tubes, you can download Ghana’s blue movies, you can upload your porn xxx content, and much more. Enjoy videos from Exotic Ghan Porn,  XRed, XVideos, XNXXX among others.

Find Ghana channels of straight porn, gay-lesbian porn, bisexual porn, and shemale porn. Marvel at Ghana’s pussy, dick, ass, etc. Find Ghana porn channels with sexy girls, hunky boys, experienced porn stars, etc.



Nude Pictures

Discover Nude Pictures On Exotic Ghana Adult Blog


pussy pics logo

Nothing trends in Ghana like nude images. Yet it is the same the world over. Nudity has a way of creating curiosity and arresting attention even from the most unlikely quarters such as church group.

Ghanaian nudes can only be described as spellbinding. Get hitched to a wide array of nude profiles from across Ghana. Check out nudes from Accra, nudes from Tema, nudes from Takoradi, nudes from Kumasi, nudes from Cape Coast, among other locations.

Naked Ghana logo 1

Join Ghana channels with raunchy nudes such as Ghana Telegram porn xxx channel, Ghana WhatsApp channel, Twitter channel, etc. Some of the nudes you will find are those of celebrities in Ghana which qualify to be termed as nude leaks due to the level of curiosity and fantasy they create, associated with the aspect of an individual celebrity’s high status and the hitherto assumption of tamper-proof privacy.





Twitter Porn Channels

Join Ghana Twitter Porn Channels Today and Actualize Your Fantasies

Discover the new and fresh porn xxx vibes on Exotic Ghana. Get thrilled through porn content on Ghana’s most sensual platform.  Interact with Ghana’s  Twitter porn girls and handsome boys on Twitter sharing the utmost erotic stories and hashtags.

Find sure links to the erotic Ghana porn xxx videos from across all locations.  Check out Accra Twitter porn channel Kumasi Twitter porn channel, Takoradi Twitter porn channel,  Tamale Twitter porn channel, Tema Twitter porn channel, among other notable locations.

Below is the list of Ghana’s best Twitter xxx Accounts in Ghana 2023:

1. Ghana Porn Twitter Porn Account

It has over 4000 followers. It exhibits the most raunchy porn content in Ghana.

2. Accra Sweet Berries Twitter Porn

This page posts sex videos and photos of horny and wet ashawo girls who are craving sex.

3. Ghana Sex Hook Twitter xxx 

Join to enjoy sex parties as well as ideas from Ghana’s renown sexologists.

4. Ghana Sex Works Twitter 18+

Join to experience orgies, swingers, sex parties, and hookups.

5. Ghana Hookup 4Real  Twitter Porn

It has about 19000 followers where it organizes hookups anytime and anywhere.

Press Release

Exotic Escorts: Quality Companionship When You Need It

Africa’s largest escort-listing directory Exotic Africa expands service to Ghana.

Accra, Ghana – September 2017

Exotic Ghana (www.exoticghana.com), which is part of the larger Exotic Africa brand (www.exoticafrica.net), has expanded its service to Ghana. Exotic Ghana provides an online platform for meeting exquisite escorts and companions from all states. Exotic ladies and Gentlemen are not the normal street escorts; these are professional escorts with skills to hold a quality conversation for hours.

As Mark Twain says, “To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” Exotic Ghana understands that the quality of your companions dictates how much you achieve in life. With these escorts, it is not just about physical contact but quality time and the warmth of a loving companion.

Here are reasons why you must use Exotic Ghana online service:

  • Security

Gone are the days when people used to pick up escorts in the club or street only for them to turn out to be thieves. Exotic ladies & gentlemen do not wait on the streets; they are companions on call. As Exotic Africa finds the perfect match on the internet, they are busy perfecting their companionship skills. All escorts are specially picked and vetted thoroughly to guarantee your security. Do not risk picking a stranger to accompany you. Check out for escorts with the words “verified” under their profiles for total security.

  • Quality time

Are you carrying an emotional or financial burden and do not know where to get help? Sharing with someone who will not judge you is as good as therapy. Exotic Ghana escorts are great listeners and good storytellers. They can address any issue with wisdom and tact that by the end of your time together, you are relieved. It can be over a drink in the evening, a night out, an entire day or even week of companionship. Majority of these online escorts will even cap it up with a professional massage to ensure that you go home completely relaxed. And if you are looking for someone to massage your ego, you can count on Exotic escorts Ghana.

  • Affordable service

Whether you need an hour, a day or week of service, you will always find a great escort with affordable rates. Exotic Ghana does not set standard rates for escort services. Each individual escort sets their price and yes, they are always open for negotiation. If you spot a right match, just call them up and agree on the rate beforehand. On average, you can obtain service starting $50.

  • Available service 24/7

Had a rough night and need someone to shoulder part of that pain? Exotic online escorts are available around the clock. After a long day at work, Exotic ladies & gentlemen will be there to receive you. Exotic Ghana has a large database of affordable online escorts who are flexible enough to come to your home, in the office or even travel with you! They understand that companionship is a necessity; it is never too late, too early or too inconvenient to book Exotic escorts.

  • Variety of escorts offering a wide range of services

Young or mature, tall or short, light or dark, slim or plump, straight or gay, male or female, independent or couple escorts – Exotic Ghana has you covered. Visit exoticGhana.com for a wide variety of escort services including girlfriend experience, fetish, couples, BBW, domination, mature, BDSM and massage.

  • Flexible service

You do not need to leave your house in order to enjoy good company. If you are too tired or too busy to go out, Exotic Africa has made it easy for you to access top-class escorts right from your mobile phone. Call them to your home and enjoy the same quality time as you would in their home or hotel. Meet them at your most convenient location at no extra charge.

  • Superior customer service

In case of any issues, Exotic Ghana customer service team is always available on SMS and WhatsApp 24/7. You can also send an email and they will attend to you immediately.

  • Push notifications

Exotic Ghana has made sure that clients do not miss an opportunity to interact with escorts. The innovative push notifications will ensure that you do not waste time browsing and assessing escorts by yourself. You are encouraged to sign up for notifications so you can receive instant alerts on the newest and hottest escort listings on exoticGhana.com.

  • Value addition

Now that you have made the effort to search for escorts on the Exotic Ghana online platform, Exotic Africa management shall ensure that you get other complimentary services and products faster and easier. You will be able to find massage parlours, executive barbershops and adult toys sellers in Ghana right from the exoticGhana.com page.

About Exotic Ghana

Exotic Ghana (www.exoticghana.com) is part of Exotic Africa (www.exotic-africa.com). The service is also available in Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

Quote from the CEO: Welcome to our Executive services in Africa. We endeavour to provide high-end quality companions. We work daily to ensure that we make our platforms robust to give you uninterrupted service. We are working to grow in Africa and be your one stop shop to online companionship.

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