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Overlooking the Guinea Gulf, Cape Coast in Ghana is a haven to relax and enjoy the beaches of Ghana. Why not do it with a Ghanaian Escort today? Find your Cape Coast Escort tonight on Exotic Ghana and Enjoy the West African Escort Experience.

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Escorts from Cape Coast

Overlooking the Gulf of Guinea, Cape Coast is the capital of the Central Region, in southern Ghana.

Cape Coast Castle is a large whitewashed fort built by the Swedish in the 17th century. It’s known for its role in the transatlantic slave trade. Today, exhibits on pre-colonial local history, the slave trade and traditional crafts are still visible.

Thanks to its time as a trading post, where many slaves were held before being shipped to the Americas, and its colonial history, Cape Coast is an important focal point of pan-African history. 

Former First Lady Michelle Obama believes Cape Coast to be her ancestral home and in 2009 visited it together with her husband, Barack Obama.

Cape Coast is a culturally rich and historical location

Cape Coast (then called the Gold Coast) was Ghana’s capital until 1877 when it was moved to Accra due to its importance as a trade route that transported not only slaves but gold, honey, and other African spoils; thus making it an ideal spot. 

From local and tribal festivals Cape Coast is a culturally rich and historical location and home of 32 festivals. The biennial Pan African Historical Theatre Festival (Panafest) conceived in the 1980’s to contemplate the effects of the slave trade is still held up to today. Another, older festival, Fetu Afahye is celebrated by the chiefs and held to ward off a plague that claimed many lives once upon a time.

Being a lively fishing port, the symbol of the city is a crab, how appropriate.

How to Get to Cape Coast 

You can get from Accra to Cape Coast for less than $5 USD on a direct bus or trotro. It’s only about a 2.5 hour trip.The distance between Accra and Cape Coast is 127 km.

Where to Stay in Cape Coast 

There are plenty of pocket-friendly places to stay while in Cape Coast. Natural Bamboo Village Guesthouse & Restaurant, Oasis Beach Resort and Balance Sheet Hotel are just some of the few cool places you can check out while in Cape Coast.

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